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Pain Relief Through Physical Therapy Queensbury – Saratoga

Pain Relief Through Physical Therapy Queensbury - SaratogaRecently I spent my last day working per diem at a local hospital. While there, I treated a girl with neck and upper back pain. I discovered a history of abdominal/pelvic surgery with severe scarring and pain that her gynecologist tried to help by surgically removing scar tissue. The end result… more scar tissue and – I believe – a significant cause of her current upper body pain.

This is an excellent example of a referral to physical therapy that would offer the patient conservative treatment to her pain and provide lifelong benefits that go beyond her current situation.

Innova PT specializes in physical therapy for Queensbury and Saratoga regions to support a full quality of life, with less pain. If you know someone who is seeking a practitioner who sees each patient as a whole person, please have them call me at 518-632-4944 to schedule an appointment.

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