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Patient Testimonial

A patient recently sent me a lovely thank you note and offered to share a little of her story.

thank you note

I was so happy to find a physical therapist specialized in pelvic floor dysfunction (PFD) in Queensbury. Everything I was reading on blogs and websites talked about physical therapy as the “gold treatment” for PFD, but I couldn’t find anyone in the yellow pages in the area. PFD isn’t cancer, it is a physical condition curable with exercises. I was having health issues since 3 years when I finally found Shannon. I had pain while sitting, pain in tight clothing and sometimes out of nowhere; pain while urinating without any infection. It’s a women thing to feel shy or embarrassed when the problem is between the thighs, but an objective approach is to see it like any other health issue. It’s made of muscles, nerves, and blood vessels…like the rest of the body. Actually, I discovered that the problems was more with my hips and my upper thighs. She explained clearly all I needed to know about these muscles and what was causing the pain. Her practice is cute, very clean and hygienic and I enjoyed meeting with her because she is not only professional, but also very empathetic.

Don’t get me wrong, my primary care is wonderful and my ob/gyn is probably the best in the area. But when it comes to tight muscles, stretches and pelvic floor health; you might want to see Shannon. Physicians aren’t all trained to find out what is exactly your problem when it comes to that area. You can develop tense pelvic floor just by being stressed out or after an emotional trauma. It is a vicious circle: you’re stressed by the pain it hurts a lot more. So, don’t wait to be desperate; seek help now because there is no magic pills without side effects.


I love helping other return to their active lifestyles and decrease pain. If you know of someone suffering, please connect them to me. I’d be happy to have a free consultation to see what I can do to help.