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Pelvic Health for Men – Yes, That Means You!

Pelvic health for men Glens Falls, Queensbury, Saratoga Springs NY

Besides the genitals and the uterus, men and women have the same contents within the pelvis. The muscles for urination, bowel movements, pelvic floor support, and even male and female erections, are the same! When instructing one of my male patients to contract his pelvic floor (kegel), he said, “Oh, you want me to squeeze my vagina muscles?” Ha! This still cracks me up! Call them what you like, the muscles are the same.

Though women go through childbirth that has effects on their body, men also have dysfunctions that are quite similar. Urinary frequency, incontinence (urine and bowels), pelvic pain, pain with intercourse, inability to urinate or empty the bladder are many of the conditions that I see. And as the problems are quite similar, so are the treatments.

Pelvic PT Tip of the Month:

For men and women, relax your muscles when you urinate. Quite often people push to urinate and this is not how the urinary and muscular system were designed to work for you. When we are in a hurry or have some difficulty urinating, many people get in the habit of pushing. Just relax and take your time, the world can wait!

If you’re having trouble with urination or bladder control, give me a call at 518-632-4944 or contact me online to learn how specialized pelvic physical therapy can help!