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Post-Baby Ab Rehab: Getting Back In Shape!

Get Back in shape with Post-Baby Ab Rehab

Do you know a mom with a newborn who wasn’t concerned about getting her stomach back to its pre-baby condition? Beyond just trying to look good, this is a plausible concern. Many women deal with diastasis recti, a condition where the rectus abdominus muscle separates due to pregnancy. For some women this will resolve without any intervention, but for others it won’t. Diastasis can lead to weakness throughout one’s core causing urinary leakage, back pain and pelvic pain.

Sit ups are not the answer! These and other exercises can make the diastasis worse. I highly recommend women who are pregnant or post partum to see a PT specialized in women’s health to address diastasis and other conditions caused by pregnancy. The proper exercises for post-baby ab rehab can go a long way to prevent health issues down the road.

At Innova Physical Therapy, we help mom’s get back to their healthy pre-baby condition! Call me at 518-632-4944 or send those new mom’s our way if they are struggling with any pelvic weakness or other issues!