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Post Partum Posture: Improve Your Posture After Pregnancy

This past weekend I took another post partum course; I love to learn!

Post Partum Posture: Improve Your Posture After Pregnancy Though there are a number of complications that can arise during and after pregnancy, there are some universal postural changes and muscle imbalances that demonstrate in a woman. Due to the increased weight from the baby in the abdomen and pelvis, the low back increases in its curve (lordosis), then the shoulders roll forward and the head moves forward, and the knees often hyperextend. This is a common occurrence, though will need to be addressed in order to decrease pain and return to normal posture post partum.

Women will often carry themselves in this pregnancy stance long after they deliver. Some people are very conscious of their posture and try to correct it as best they can. Though others never consider how they sit and stand, especially after having a baby, there are too many other matters to think about!

Seeing a PT in post partum, even for a couple of visits, can help you return to your pre-baby state. Learning how to align your body in proper posture not only helps the muscles to work properly and therefore allows your strength to return, but it also helps you to look good again. There is definitely something about people who stand tall versus those who are slumped over!

If you are pregnant or recently delivered, consider seeing a PT who specializes in pregnancy and pelvic conditions. The time and energy you spend will help prevent complications down the road and help you feel like yourself again!