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Pelvic Pain

pain-reliefRelief From Pelvic Pain

One of my patients that I have been seeing came to me for pain in the low back/sacrum area that radiated into her legs. I also referred her to acupuncturist Dr. Carol Weeks, and we have been collaborating to help her return to a normal, active lifestyle. We began making progress, though there were no significant changes. This week I completed an examination and assessed her pelvic floor. Only then did we find the cause of her symptoms: two of the hip muscles that reside in the pelvic cavity were in spasm, and when palpated, reproduced her symptoms.

Though pelvic PT is a delicate area to work in, it is my passion to help people eliminate suffering from pain or limitation. At Innova Physical Therapy, I am able to look at each patient as a whole and help determine causes of pain and solutions to create a plan toward recovery!

Pelvic physical therapy and relief from pelvic pain in Queensbury, Glens Falls, Lake George and the Saratoga Springs region is available through Innova PT! Call me at 518-632-4944 to schedule an appointment for personalized care.