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Why cash-based physical therapy?

Note: Innova Physical Therapy is now accepting Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield, CDPHP, and BlueShield of Northeastern New York insurance.  Our goal is to provide access to quality care for as many patients as possible.  Read more here.

Many people ask me if I will ever switch to accepting insurance.  After all of my research and my years of experience of dealing with insurance companies, I feel strongly against it. Here’s my reasoning…

Without accepting insurance I can:

~Provide individualized, meaningful, effective treatment without the insurance company dictating how I treat, for how long, and at what cost.

~Provide hour long sessions of individualized care, one on one with a licensed physical therapist.

By choosing to be an out of network provider, the clients can:

~Receive manual hands on treatment, not just left on a machine or with a hot/cold pack while the PT works with another client or completes paperwork.

~Receive a specific home program that is effective for your diagnosis and will help improve your condition between sessions.

~Receive excellent value, because the treatment session is longer than typical PT sessions, you have more effective care and therefore need fewer overall visits; saving you time and money.

~Contribute your PT costs toward your insurance deductible, as well as pay for PT with your health savings account.

~Continue to utilize your insurance benefits by submitting the bill I provide you to your insurance company and likely receive reimbursement.

Your time is important and providing quality care will return you to your activities faster. By not utilizing insurance we will have more time for treatment, in a personalized way, which yields results.