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Welcome to the Innova Physical Therapy Blog!

Welcome to my Blog! I am excited to share my physical therapy knowledge and experience with the public, my patients, as well as other health care professionals. Physical therapy is a an amazing option for many people with injuries, dysfunction or pain. Our profession if often the first line of defense against an injury, as PT is a conservative means to achieve a restoration of one’s symptoms. New York State is also a direct access state, which means a patient may be treated right away without a physicians referral for the first 30 days. This allows one to begin treatment promptly and often equates to a quicker return to a pain free lifestyle.

Innova Physical Therapy is the area’s only physical therapy office that focuses on treatment of the pelvic floor. This allows people who have pelvic issues to receive specific care that is supported by research and training. If you or someone you know is dealing with pelvic issues, call 518-632-4944 or email me today. I look forward to helping you decrease your pain and return to your normal everyday activities!