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Take Care of Yourself: Pain Treatment

Pain treatment - take care of yourself!

You never know when disaster will strike.

Have a knee pain or back ache? Get it checked out and fixed!  A family member fell and broke a bone this week. What is most limiting about this is her inability to use the rest of her body well. This makes basic activities such as walking to the bathroom, getting in and out of bed, or getting out of the house to go to the doctor’s office extremely difficult.

It’s not a sign of weakness to pursue treatment for a minor ache or pain you are having. Many people wait too long until the problem becomes significant. Yet again, what if an accident occurs to you or a loved one and this minor issue gets pushed off? It often becomes a chronic, long-lasting issue that is much more difficult to cure.

Moral of the story? Take care of yourself!

Get outside and get some exercise; it’s a beautiful time of year.  And if you have pain somewhere, get it checked out. I’d be happy to show you a few things to decrease your pain.

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