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Help At Any Age: Pelvic Physical Therapy Education

pelvic therapy education for all ages

I’m saying good bye to my college-aged patients this week as they are preparing to return for the semester. I greatly enjoy working with this age group and will miss them!

These students received treatment for conditions that I usually discuss: pelvic pain, urinating frequently, leaking urine, etc. It may be a surprise to many people that girls ages 18-25  have a need for pelvic physical therapy, even though they are young and have not had children yet! Often when networking, I receive recommendations to talk at nursing homes for the pelvic conditions that I treat. Many people living in nursing homes would benefit from pelvic physical therapy, but there are so many young people suffering as well.

Pelvic physical therapy education is key. Children, teens, young adults and working-aged adults are in a great position to learn healthy bladder habits now, to help throughout their lifespan. I do greatly enjoy working with my 80 year-olds too!  Please help me to teach others that physical therapy is a conservative option for pelvic pain and bladder conditions and maybe we can prevent some of those nursing home accidents!

Want to give physical therapy a try before heading back to school? Call us at 518-632-4944 or contact us online to schedule an appointment and learn more about how pelvic physical therapy education can benefit all ages!

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