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A Pelvic Physical Therapist Can Strengthen, Renew, and Restore Your Body!


As all of you are well aware, a woman’s body changes drastically during pregnancy and childbirth. In countries such as France and Australia, women are always referred to physical therapy after delivering their babies. I recently had the opportunity to attend the Advance Pregnancy class through the American Physical Therapy Association, which covers popular pregnancy and post partum issues

My goal is to help as many women with small and large issues relating to pregnancy. These issues can include: diastasis recti, leaking urine or bowels, pain with intercourse, scar tissue or general pelvic pain, and muscle tightness or weakness (pelvic floor or abdominals), are all areas that pelvic PT can address. If these problem areas are restored early on, a woman will be much less likely to have complications with bladder issues or low back or pelvic pain later in life.

I would love to see all post partum women in our area be referred to PT after delivery to help them renew their bodies in a healthy and safe way. We have many PT services that can help restore you to your optimal function. As a Queensbury pelvic physical therapist serving the Glens Falls and Saratoga areas, I will check for scars, abdominal and pelvic floor muscle weakness, muscle tightness and pain. Knowing where the problem lies, I am able to recommend a home program to strengthen and restore.

If you know someone who is pregnant, or a mother who is suffering from pelvic pain or weakness, have them call 518-632-4944 or contact Innova Physical Therapy in Queensbury NY. Just one or two treatments can help today and for many years to come!