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Let’s Talk about Birth Control

birth control

One of the conditions that I treat at Innova is pelvic pain. There are many causes for pelvic pain, including muscle tightness, scar tissue, history of sexual abuse, injuries to your tailbone, to name a few. Since Innova opened, almost 2 years ago, I have seen a few women in the clinic with pain due to hormonal imbalances from their birth control.

Is the Pill bad?

Not necessarily and not for everyone. Though yes for some. Here’s why. The pill and other forms of birth control are synthetic hormones, that is, fake. They trick your ovaries into thinking they don’t need to ovulate, therefore you can’t get pregnant. Yet, our bodies require hormones, including estrogen, progesterone and testosterone (yes women need this too!). These hormones help with mood, cognition, bone health, libido, cardiovascular health and, of course, the health of genital tissue. With changes in our hormones, there are potential side effects. Urinary frequency or urgency, dyspareunia (pain with intercourse), recurrent UTIs or yeast infections, decreased sexual desire, to name a few.

What About Side Effects?

If you are experiencing any side effects that you feel may be related, talk with your provider. If you feel unheard, seek out another provider. One of my patients had to see multiple providers until she found one who listened and took the time to find the exact cause to her pain.

There are many providers who may be part of a team that can help with the pelvic pain. Some include pelvic floor physical therapists, sex therapists, urologists or urogynecologists, internists, psychologists and endocrinologists. Often with pain conditions, patients need a team to collaborate their care for the best results. No one provider knows or does it all!

Also, if you are experiencing symptoms, educate yourself. Of course, there is a lot of information on the web, but here are a few resources that you can trust.

Getting your hormones tested and getting treatment are your next steps. As with all chronic conditions, be patient and stick with the plan that you and your provider set. It may take time, but there is relief for your pelvic pain!

Remember, the pill and other birth controls are not “bad”. Yet they may not be right for everyone. So if you are dealing with pain, consider with your provider if birth control may be the culprit!

If you or someone you know is struggling with pelvic pain, call 518-632-4944 for a free consultation. I offer a variety women’s services that can help with pelvic pain in my private, comfortable Queensbury location.

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