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Joint Pain? Your Pelvis Could be to Blame!


hip joint pain

“The hip bone is connected to the back bone.” But what about the pelvis?! I have learned over the years how connected the parts of our bodies are. Though the old song teaches kids how some body parts connect, the pelvis is often forgotten. I used to point to the pelvic bone and call it a hip!

Yet, the hips connect to the pelvis and the pelvis to the back. One of the first lessons we learn in PT school about examining a patient is that you always look at the joints above and below where a patient has their pain. So if a patient has pelvic pain, I need to look at her back and hips. Often our pain can be referred. This means that pelvic pain may be a condition from the low back and just demonstrates itself in the pelvis area. And vise versa with the hip, as well as other joints in the body that are even further away.

If you are dealing with joint pain in your low back or hips, I want you to consider that the problem may be originating from your pelvis. There are many muscles of the pelvic floor that should be checked to see if there is a connection to the joint pain. Your pelvis should also be checked for alignment, as this can affect the joints above and below.

For a thorough assessment and examine of back, pelvic or hip joint pain, call me at 518-632-4944 to book an appointment. I offer long physical therapy sessions in order to look at all that I can, explain the findings, show pictures of your body, and teach you what to do every day to help. I tell my patients that it’s what they do every day that will make the biggest difference in their life and healing, not only what we do at their appointment.

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